About us

Based in Basingstoke, Hampshire we are a small friendly web design and development agency that prides itself on providing the big agency quality and service but at much lower rates. We have a lot of years experience between us, in providing solutions to many businesses from the smallest static web site to large corporate bespoke web connected applications.

About us

Our ethos

Having worked for many years in other agencies you learn a thing a two about business and life. But importantly you learn what not to do. When we set up our little enterprise we had a chance to build in all the things we said we could do better and leave out what we thought you shouldn't do. So, what should at be the core of our business, money, margins or profit? This seems to be what most businesses are about, so we thought maybe we should be different. We set at the core of our business - our clients, after that's what makes our business great. Without clients and projects we would just be a few people sitting around with head full of knowledge and a computer or two but nothing to do - not the greatest way to succeed. We came to believe, after years of working in the digital arena, that building true relationships with our clients is what enables us to truely offer them the best advice and services we can. If we think the best solution to a clients problem is not something we can provide then we won't just offer them a lesser solution because it is something we can do. We will work with them to find someone that can help, then guide them through the project if they want us to. This may sound a little counter intutative, giving away business to others but as I said it's about relationships and building trust and honesty. We find with this ethos our clients return to us everytime they have a question, project or any other need as they know they will get an honest answer.

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