Apple iPad - clean slate or just a big iPhone

Having read and seen the many reviews and peeks at Apple latest gadget, I can honestly say so far for me the jury is still out on the Apple take at the tablet/slate market.

On the one hand I think the idea of tablet/slate device is good, I can see lots of practical solutions for a wireless larger screen hand held device. I can imagine hospitals with patients notes, history and x-ray all accessible from a roaming device each doctor or nurse has and with the touch screen allowing interaction with a minimum of fuss. I can see the uses as a e-book reader and movie/image viewer. What I can't see it doing at the moment is replacing the netbook market overnight simply because what the netbook gave us was a usable mini office that you could carry out almost all tasks (if sometimes a little slower) that you can on a larger laptop or desktop pc. I myself have designed and built websites on my trusty little EEE pc with relative ease.

I think what confuses me at the moment with the iPad is the fact that Apple used the iPhone software and hardware to run it, bringing all the disadvantages that has in particular the lack of Adobe Flash. Now my guess is the primary market for the iPad would be people that use facebook and other social media sites. One thing facebook offers that is very popular is a large amount of flash based apps like farmVille, Cafe World and fishVille all highly frequented. It seems a little daft to me that you would preclude this market from your device. Where as other Microsoft based tablet/slate offerings planned and launching run full Microsoft Windows 7 and allow access to anything your netbook, laptop and desktop pc can run. It slightly confounds me why Apple didn't build the iPad to run OS X then I'd have to agree it would be a formidable competitor.

Hardware and manufacturers aside what I can see are the possibilities for some new exciting applications and business tools that could be created to use this new format, myself and my colleagues are looking forward to seeing how we can use this new take on the format to enhance our clients businesses.

2010 is looking like it should be an interesting tech year, and I for one look forward to the new challenges that will bring.

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