Kentico version 5.0 is released

The new release of Kentico CMS has added Enterprise-level Performance and Scalability, Widgets, User Personalisation and many more minor tweaks and improvements.

The new widgets feature will be great for allowing less technical authors to alter the functionality in a page without having to going into more envolved process of creating or altering templates and layouts.

User personalisation

For building community and social networking sites there is nothing better than allowing the user to customise the area of the site, making it look and feel how they want to. The new user personalisation features in Kentico version 5.0 allow just that. Users have access to the widgets and can arrange and hide them to view the content they want to see.

Enterprise performance and scalability

Kentico aims have been to make the CMS a more enterprise level product that can cope with the larger quanties of data and traffic that the much large systems on the market can. With this latest version they have acheived this by streamlining the code, db and usuability of the system. Kentico can truly be used from the smallest of sites to large community/social networking site and large corporate companies.

We at d2x look forward to using this new version to help our clients achieve all they can from their web presence.

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