Social Media Marketing

To those who haven't been initiated to the concept of Social Media Marketing yet - the first question to answer is "what is it?". Simply put it is using social community web application such as twitter, facebook, bebo and myspace etc... to reach your target audience.

What this new media of marketing offers is a direct connection to your target audience and more companies are now moving to use this new medium in an effort to speak more directly to their consumers.

SSM (Social Media Marketing) has three aspects to it:
  1. Creating hype or buzz. By creating tweets, blogs, viral emails, news items they become viral in nature and are passed quickly through the Internet structure without the need for costly advertising space or other paid channels. If it's interesting, fun or relevant the consumers themselves will pass on the information.
  2. Brand building. By using a model of creating fan pages in facebook or themed twitter accounts thus allowing fans of the brand to further the message in an organic way.
  3. Conversations. Where as a brand can't control social media, it can achieve if clever is to encourage dialogue and user participation. However a badly constructed campaign could infact have the opposite effect and damage the brand in similarly viral way.
If SSM works and is carefully crafted it can be a very important tool in your marketing campaign and help you talk to sectors of your market that usually outside the reach of traditional marketing media. More adults now communicate using social media sites such facebook than they do by email or phone, so you can see by joining those conversations there is definite marketing potential.

If you need help with social media marketing contact us and we'll see what we can do to help.

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