BBC news site redesign: Genius or Madness

Having switched on my PC this morning, I followed my usual routine of heading to the BBC news site to check what has happened today so far. Too my surprise it had all changed to a brand spanking new design and layout. I like change it mixes things up a little particularly in terms of design. This particular redesign seems to have polarised opinion in a marmite kind of way, either you love it or you hate it. I think myself I am on the fence a little with it. On one hand its clean, clear and refreshingly different from the previous incarnation. On the other hand its a bit on the chunky side and just a little confusing to find things. Of course most of this can be put down to familiarity, the previous version had been around for a long time and we have all used it day in day out. It had become a bit like a old comfy pair of slippers, not the best in the world but comfortable and you knew where you were with it.

There are bits like and don't like. I like the new horizontal menu bar at the top removing the left hand navigation bar and freeing up space for content. I like the boxing of content in discreetly zoned areas, though I have to say the local news box is a little annoying placed between the secondary content and the main news. Having said that not sure actually where else you would put if you were going to move it. Not sure why the font sizes are quite so big, seems content is taking up a larger proportion of space than it needs to, and yes I realise I could just adjust the zoom/text sizes in my browser to compensate, but should a really need too?

I guess this is going to be a case of time will tell, I am sure after a year it will become the new comfy pair of slippers that I'm used too. One thing is for sure the good old Beeb is still innovating and it proves even the most accessed and viewed site in the world still looks to keep itself current and prevent stagnancy, a lesson many sites out there should learn.

Posted: 14/07/2010 17:47:13 by d2x | with 0 comments