Kentico CMS

Between us at d2x we have used many and varied content management system both small and large, and when looking for a CMS to promote and use for own clients we wanted a system that was affordable but still feature rich and usable.

We chose Kentico CMS as our preferred CMS for all our CMS projects as it fitted all our requirements of being a flexible, easy to use Microsoft based Content Management System built on the Server platform. Using an intuitive and accessible web interface an editor or administrator can build and keep their website up to date with new and amended content.

Our work

Why use Kentico and what does it offer?

For purchasers

  • Only a single purchase required with no on-going annual licensing costs. An optional yearlysubscription can be purchased to allow access to any minor or major new versions.
  • Low cost and feature rich.
  • Multiple licensing options that allow you to spend only what you need without having to pay extrafor features you won't necessarily need. The license can be easily upgraded if decided later that any of the expanded features are needed (
  • Source code version - Kentico have license versions that include the full source code for the system allowing piece of mind and developers the ability to completely customise the system.

For standard users

  • The system is easy use for non-technical users to maintain and create new content. For example once the site is developed a user is able to add a new news stories by simply logging on, clicking “new” the appropriate site area, completing in a small form and clicking save.
  • Users with a little more technical knowledge are able to rapidly create functional sites by developing templates and layouts and adding chunks of functionality to them. This is all without requiring any coding by the user.
  • SEO friendly – Using English document paths, i.e. the path in the address bar makes sense and isn't marred with id numbers and parameters. It also supports google sitemaps and indexable content.
  • Browser based WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editing. This brings the users familiar editing tools from programs such as word into the browser and allows editing of web content to be made much more simply.
  • Multi-site management - Kentico can allow you to run multiple sites within a single system. i.e. you could create a main company website, an intranet and a product micro-site and maintain them all within the same Kentico system.
  • Multi language Capabilities – Allow multiple translations of each piece of content and display them based on their choices or language their computer uses.
  • Work flow and content versioning. You can apply a workflow process to the site that requires content to be checked before its published. Each piece of content can have a version of it stored when its edited so its easy to retrieve a previous version if required.

For developers

  • Kentico is highly customisable and allows .net developers to add customised code.
  • Easy for any .net developer to use


Are you looking for more information on CMS based sites or have questions about what you can do to make you site management simpler, then contact us to call or send a message to see how we can help.